Denim Handmade Calla Lily Paint Bag




Introduction: Denim Handmade Calla Lily Paint Bag

Every woman needs a beautiful flower bag

Step 1: Materials Needed:


Medium Textile

Sewing machine

Pins, ruler

White pencil

Acrylic paint

White, Black, Brown

Kiwi, Yellow, Kelly Green

Spring Green

Paint brushes


Step 2:

cut the following pieces

the body of the bag the, the strap optional lining.

needle position over to the material

and sew one long edge of the bag

and sew diagonally across to the corner

sew the another side of the bag.

optional add internal pocket and lining.

you turn your bag and position the handle on the right side start by securing the handle by sewing an X

of the bag as show the picture.

Step 3:

Now you have your bag ready to draw the

Calla Lily flowers

use the white pencil to draw on the bag

the flowers

and start painting the calla lily.

when you use the acrylic paint mix the medium textile with the paint

and paint your Calla Lily to the Denim.

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