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Introduction: Deoderant Ipod Touch Case

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Once in a while, everybody runs out of deoderant and throws out the container, harming the environment and wasting a perfectly good container.  Instead of throwing that stick of deoderant out, you can reuse it to build an iPod touch case that is secret and durable.  

The first thing you are probably thinking is "ewww I don't want deoderant getting all over my iPod.  If you clean the container properly, no deoderant will get on your iPod and it won't smell as bad!  Also as you can see in the picture, the curve of my iPod looks similar to the curve of deoderant, so this case is perfect for a spy!

I was inspired to make this because....

- I just finished a stick of deoderant and I didn't want to throw out the container
- My old iPod case is breaking
- I thought it would be fun.

You should make this because...

- It protects your iPod
- It looks like deoderant but it is really a case, making you a spy!
- People will think you are awesome!

I hope you enjoy building your deoderant iPod touch case!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need....

- An empty stick of deoderant
- Felt
- An iPod


- Needle nose pliers
- A hot glue gun (with glue)
- A sink
- Scissors

I used an assortment of tools to put together my case because I couldn't seem to get out the twisty pole in the deoderant so I cut it off with tin snips and wire cutters!

Step 2: Dissecting the Deoderant!

This is probably the hardest step in making the whole project.  You will need to use your pliers (and any other cutting tools) to take out all of the junk inside of the deoderant stick.  I found it easiest to bend the pole with the pliers back and forth 20 or 25 times and then pull and that piece would break off.

In my stick of deoderant, I found a red pole, and a white thing that held up the deoderant.  These can be thrown out unless you want to use them for any other projects.

Step 3: Cleaning

I started to clean out my container by using a paper towel and wipe out any large pieces of deoderant.  I then turned my sink on all the way hot and placed the dissected deoderant container under the water.  Make sure the water really cleans out the inside.  When you are satisfied, shove a few paper towels into the deoderant stick and let them sop up the water in the stick. 

You can now repeat the washing cycle if you are not satisfied with how clean it is.

Step 4: Assembling the Felt

Now is when you have to cut your felt so it can fit inside of the container.  I cut mine so it would wrap around and line the inside of the container without overlapping.  I hot glued mine in place.  It is important that felt covers all of the inside of the container so your ipod won't smell like deoderant or be touching any sharp plastic. 

Make sure where you glue your felt doesn't interfere with the opening and closing of the cap.  Now that your felt is glued, you can check to make sure that your iPod fits in nicely and the cap can still fit on.

Step 5: Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed building your iPod touch case disguised as a stick of deoderant!  Don't buy an overpriced case that looks ugly, make your own stick of deoderant case for your iPod!  Enjoy!

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    6 years ago

    Awesome man! I'm gonna use this one day! :D thx!


    6 years ago

    Spy? Well a good smelling spy!