Deodorant Secret Case

Introduction: Deodorant Secret Case

This is a secret compartment made out of a deodorant can.

Step 1: Things You Need

1 deodorant can empty
1 small roll of electrical tape
20cm of finishing line

Step 2: Cutting the Bottom

Mark out with a pen half a cm in from the bottom all the way around. Then using a saw cut the end of as evenly as possible.

Step 3: Taking the Top Off

Grip the top with one hand and with the other on the can pull the top off. This may take some force. Once you have done this you should see a metal circle with another in the middle with a nail poke the guts out of the smaller circle. One the outer circle bend a small section out with pliers.

Step 4: Making the Bottom Fit

With your small electrical tape place it on the bottom on the side of the lip. If it doesn't fit rap more tape around the electrical tape if its to small and if its to big take some tape off. Then run a strip of tape around the outside to fasten the bottom and tape together

Step 5: Connecting It All

With the fishing wire threaded through the can. You can then tie the line to the in side of the lid. Then with a nail and hammer make a small hole in the bottom. Make sure the line is long enuf for you pull out the bottom and thread the line through the small hole. Then tie a note to stop the line slipping back through.

Step 6: Using It

Closing it you get the bottom an push it into its end of the can. Then you get the lid and pull it away from the can taking the slack off the fishing line. Rap it around the outer circle and place the lip on. You do the reverse to open it.

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    6 years ago

    Why not cut it off right above the ridge where the spray cap snaps on? Then you wouldn't have to cut the bottom off and it'd be much more concealed.