Derringer Pistol Replication (3d Print)

The 1st step of this process i had to replicate a derringer pocket pistol as a 3d model. To achieve this i used the 3d modeling program zbrush, taking advantage of its hard surface modeling brushes to replicate the geometric shapes of the derringer pistol. 

The 2nd step of this process was make sure that the model was ready to be sent to the 3d printer to be made psychical. In order to do this i had to decimate the over all model from 8 million total points down to less than 1 million total points using a zplugin called decimation master. Reasoning for this is so that the model  can easily be imported into the catalyst program that sends the STL file of the model to the 3d  printer. 

The 3rd step of this process was to export the model into a catalyst program allowing the pistol to be printed into a psychical model. Zbrush makes this step extremely easy. There is a 3d print exporter command directly built into zbrush as a zplugin allowing for sizing of the model as well as an STL file export making the file a stereolithography. 

The 4th step is sending the file of the model to the printer and waiting for the final psychical model!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I want to make Wooden Replicas of a Derringer,as well as Luger and maybe some other interesting ones.Do you have any type of Schematic I would be able to use?

    Awesome! I'd like to see a shooting weapon made of PLA or better ABS!

    Please lit the wit and don't tell me that a pliable meltable made of plastic can shoot... that's sound like Ebola flu...


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Watch out guy's if you make a working version ATF will be all over you like a pissed off gorilla and distroy your lives. I am not kidding. Just because you can does not mean you should. No FFL serial# =attorneys+ jail + every cent you have but it's still such a cool project Ilove it!

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    If the firearm is not made to be sold it does not require a serial number. The BATF recommends that the firearm has a serial number in case of theft. The issue come in if the individual that made the firearm can not legal posses that weapon ie felon or domestic violence.