Descriptive Essay Example: Construct It in 5 Painless Steps




When you are tasked to write essay example, you must expect it to be no less thanfive diverse essays.

More than the multiplicity of task, you worry over the effectiveness of each of your essay example. If that is true, you came in the right place.

This paper will guide you towards effortless way to craft standard descriptive essays.

Step 1: Step 1: OBSERVE

Before anything else, you must first sit down and just shut up. If you wish to write about a person, then you must spend time observing her.

Remember, you must be certain that she is not aware that you are monitoring her, or else, you will ruin you essay example.

Step 2: STEP 2: DECIDE

Even if you are to write about a single subject, there are so many angles to take. You only have to choose one angle so that your writing establishes a single focus.

After deciding, you must stick to it. In case you see some better angle branching from your original plan, you better switch to other angle rather than dangle.

Step 3: Step 3: JOT DOWN NOTES

Your notes will help you build sound observations. Sometimes, there are things that you will miss if you rely solely on your memory.

Be sure that your notes are detailed and exact.


After gathering all the data you need, you can start writing. Unlike other types of essay, your descriptive essay example becomes better on simple words.

Though context is helpful, the strength of this essay depends more on the ability of the student to describe things in adequate details. That is, you must supply your essay with description that is easily digestible by readers.

Your description will be more effective if you put in mind that descriptions must be readily visualized by your five senses. Descriptions must be something seen, smelled, heard, felt and tasted. In this case, your reader must not waste time thinking deeply on each of your descriptions.

Remember, there is no room for opinions here. Your descriptive essay example must always be objective.

Step 5: Step 5: END WELL

If you want a boring ending, then go for the usual conclusion. End it with a summary. A description essay is about details, so there is no need to summarize them at the finale.

Often, it is better to end a descriptive essay open ended or through a meaningful gesture of your subject.

Writing descriptive essay example is not that hard. You dont have to worry about complicated lexis and mind bugling concepts. All you have to do is to chronicle all the things that your senses perceive.



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      10 years ago on Introduction

      Thank you for this. It is going to be used as a painless introduction for my adult students!!