Introduction: UKP

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Credits to osi for the body of the gun. I just tweaked the insides and the part near the trigger where he used hinges but I used some other stuff. Now I got it to shoot 2x the length that it normally shoots.

Step 1: Ammo

It is five gray or purple connectors connected to green or black small rods.

Step 2: Mags

The mags are very fun and easy to load. You can either do a five round mag or an easy quick clip which is just three.

Step 3: What I Changed

I changed the part that osi had under the trigger. He had hinges but this is for people who don't have them. The only bad part about is that you have to bend one of your pieces. Also I changed the back of the barrel, because when I built osi's gun, the last bullet wouldn't go into the barrel so I changed it so that it will when I pull the ram rod back.

Step 4: Pros and Cons

-Shoots 40-60 ft. (That's great for a pistol)
-Never jams.
-Easy to load mag and fun to show off.
-True trigger.
-Uses something other than hinges

-It is a fat pistol.
-Bullets will sometimes break when you shoot them and they hit something solid.
-Couple of broken white rods 2-4.
-Rather piece consuming for a small gun.
-The bottom of the mag pusher sticks out pretty far.

Step 5: Unfortunately

Unfortunately I will not be posting instructions for this totally awesome gun but you and look up on instructables (; knex UKP); and scroll down. You see some guy with the name osi and you can build his UKP. Thank you and I hope I will be coming out with another gun soon.

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