Desert Pest Control With Duct Tape. USE CAUTION }===---'





Introduction: Desert Pest Control With Duct Tape. USE CAUTION }===---'

In the desert pest control of scorpions is very a tiresome job. There are very few chemical pesticides that have an affect of this member of the Arachnids family. So here is a chemical free solution: Duck 'um.

1) Get an approximate 1 foot length of Duct Tape.
2) Use your trusty UV / black light. (Everyone in Arizona has one).
3) Go find them pesky scorpions. '---==={  }===---' using your UV/ black light, they will glow brightly.
4) Carefully using extreme caution, gloves, hazard suit, safety goggles, steel toed boots and all things you feel you need to be safe...
5) Approach with the duct tape affixed to a 10 foot pole... and
6) Stick it to the pest!
7) Dispose of the duct tape properly. I suggest a 30 gallon contractor garbage bag, double knotted of course.



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    Too funny! We all have UV lights here as well in the New Mexico desert. When I find a scorpion (of which I am deathly allergic to) inside my home, I use my trusty canister vacuum to suck it up. I never thought of using duct tape on the outside ones. Thanks for the idea!

    (I hope necroposting is OK here)

    FYI - also works well for wasps in the house, I used to use vacuum cleaner tube but wasps got "irritated". Duct Tape on end of long stick or pipe and the wasps don't pay much attention until they're stuck to the tape.

    yay 602! this looks like a fun way to catch them instead of golf clubs,brooms...everything else ive used.

    This is pretty awesome. Would they stick to a strip of duct tape laid down across their path if they walked over it? Like scorpion-flavored fly paper?

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    I was wondering if this would be about putting down a ring of duct tape around your tent to do just that. It's worth a try.

    Back when everyone had a can or Ronson cigarette lighter fluid in the house, my sister would make a ring of fluid around scorpions, set it on fire, and the scorpion would sting itself.

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