Desigh an Adult Toy ,small Elephant

First,I made the desigh at mind of making an elephant for sex was from a comic about the magic lamp.But I think the mouth of the magic lamp was too sharp for body,so I decided to choose an elephant.Its nose seems soft.And u can imagine a small elephant play with u:)

Step 1: Print It

To be exact,"them".I cut it into 2 parts.Because if one,it would cost too much time to finish it.It`s difficult for my printer.

Step 2: Assembly

"Assembly" means glue.Yes.Thanks to 3D-printer,I can make it easily.  Now u can pour milk or water in it.Of couse it`s not only a small pot.Check it the next step:)

Step 3: Happiness for Ladies

I desighed the hole throughout the body of the lovely elephant.The hole is useful for the vibrator.The top edge will look after ur g-spot.I can tell u the feeling is awesome.



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