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Introduction: Design Robot Legs

About: Make it yourself if you cannot buy one!

If your robot have bored of wheel movement, this instructables show you how to design and make Theo Jansen's Strandbeest legs (without 3D printer) for you robot.


Step 1: Geometry Design

GeoGebra can help you design the mechanics of the robot legs:

Try download and install GeoGebra and then open the attached file Beest.ggb, press play button at the left bottom corner. You can see how it works!

Every value at the left hand side slider can be adjust and it can real time show the effect at the diagram.

Once the legs movement seems fine for you, remember your adjusted value, it will use in next steps.

Step 2: Prepare Material

The most difficult things of making strandbeest legs is it require at least 3 pairs of legs in each side to make it move.

So after you have designed how to assemble one leg, you need to duplicate 11 more at the same size.

The materials show at the pictures all are in 2 mm thick or with 2 mm hole. (Except those paper clip :P)

Some of 2 mm axle I am using carbon fiber, it is about weight concern.

ref. - my purchasing list (some items buy in bulk):

1 x

24 x

1 x

2 x

1 x (2*200mm)

2 x (2*300mm)

1 x

1 x (20-2A)

1 x (3*2.1*250)

2 x

4 x (2*200mm)

1 x

6 x

8 x (2mm)

2 x

2 x (3mm)

3 x

1 x

20 x

1 x

Step 3: Assemble

Step 4: Controller

The legs are drive by a motor on each side, you can drive it by RF sender + receiver, Arduino + BT, ESP8266, etc...

If you are using Raspberry Pi, Magpi issue 9 cambot is a good example of how to remote control a two motor robot. I am using it in the demo video.


Step 5: Put It on the Playground!

Step 6: Video

Sorry that my Raspberry Pi board and camera have removed to another project and the legs have some defect after playing with some children.

This is the my second trial of making robot using Raspberry Pi and Strandbeest legs, I called it CreaturePi Mark II. I am working on CreaturePi Mark III now, may show you later in Instructables.

The last bonus video was capture form the remote iPad and CreaturePi Mark I.



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    11 Discussions


    Excellent work, congratulations.

    eido w

    2 years ago

    hello 陳亮,

    very beautiful and creative design. I was wondering from where did you buy the 90 degree flat bracket, I did not see it on the purchase list. Any chance for a link?

    thank you very very much!!

    2 replies

    should be at the same store, let me take some time to check the list.

    You absolutely need to show your Beest walking rather than what it seen when it's walking by itself. I'm astonished how stable the picture is.

    Also, I have not seen the construction kit you are using. First I thought it's Lego Technic, but it's something else.

    4 replies

    I have just updated my purchasing list and Demo video.

    Thanks! The shopping list only works, if you're Chinese (which I'm not), but alas, the video of the walking Beest is amazing! This got my vote!

    Yes, my shopping list has many Chinese character, but I am not the representative of those online store :p
    I encourage everyone has their own design. You can see all the materials' picture at those links and find similar things near you.

    Hi Thomas, yes Strandbeest original design always have 4 out of 6 legs touch the ground on each side, so it can run very smooth.

    There no construction kit at all, all material I am bought it separately. Since some items link outdated, I will list out the purchasing list later.

    Very interesting