Design a 3D Rocket Rotater

Introduction: Design a 3D Rocket Rotater

This instructable was created in fulfillment of the project requirement of the Makecourse at the University of South Florida (

This project is a 3D printed rocket that is mounted atop a black box. The rocket will rotate via a DC motor mounted within the black box. All controls of this system are controlled by an arduino board.

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Step 1: Design Your Rocket in CAD Program

This first step is the biggest chance for personalization of your project. You need to design a rocket in an CAD program such as Solidworks, or Illustrator. The scale of the rocket should be kept at 8 in. or smaller in height due to weight and balance issues associated with the DC motor.

Step 2: Print Your Design

After you have completed your design or your rocket and have a completed CAD file, you are ready to print your design.

Step 3: Build Your Circuit System

This is the part of the project when it begins to really take place. At this stage you will build the actual circuit system. The first part is to mount your DC motor to the top of your black box. I used a pipe mount to mount it. Next step is to wire the breadboard and Arduino board. To do this follow the circuit diagram provided. You will also be adding an led and power button to be mounted to the top of the black box. The led will signal if the Arduino board has power. The button will activate the DC motor and make the rocket rotate and will also deactivate the motor and stop the rotation.

Step 4: Create Your Arduino Code

This is the stage where you need to code your Arduino board. You have the ability to adjust the speed of the DC motor and add functionality to the project. The base code for this project has been provided.

Step 5: Mount Rocket and Completion

This is the end of the project design and at this point you will glue the 3D printed rocket to the DC motor on top of the black box. After this step is completed the project is complete. You can now use the button to activate your rocket rotator.

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