Design and 3D Print a Bubble Wand

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These step-by-step instructions will guide you through the basics of creating a bubble wand using Tinkercad and preparing it for 3D printing.

Tinkercad is a free web based CAD program:

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Step 1: Create Bubble Wand Base

1. Drag and drop a box onto the workplane

2. Scale the box to about 100mm x 5mm

3. Adjust the height of the box to 2mm

Step 2: Create Top

1. Drag and drop a tube onto the workplane

2. Scale the tube to about 20mm x 20mm

3. Adjust the height of the tube to 2mm

4. Place the tube on one end of the base

5. Copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) the tube and align in desired pattern. Ensure that all tubes and base intersect slightly

6. When complete select the tube(s) and base (ctrl + a) and press group in the top right corner

You now have a bubble wand. Have fun, get creative and customize your bubble wand

Step 3: 3D Print

1. Select export in the top right corner

2. Download as an .STL

3. Upload .STL into a 3D printing software such as Print Studio

Step 4: Test It Out

1. To make some quick bubbles mix dish soap with water

2. Dip wand and blow some bubbles

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