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Introduction: Designer Rings to Match Your Dress

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Many people, mostly girls have the habit of matching everything, especially clothing, footwear, handbag, accessories and even makeup to a particular taste for a particular occasion or when going out. Here are a few designer rings of different colors, which will suit any outfit you chose to wear.

These rings are very easy to make and materials required are available in most of the hobby shops... And they do not cost much.

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Step 1: Materials Required

Gold plated jewelry pieces with different colored stone inlays:

You need about thirteen pieces of this particular size for making one ring. The numbers may vary with respect to the size of the jewelry pieces as well as the size of your fingers. These pieces have holes on both ends for passing the wires through.

Gold plated jewelry making wire

I could lay my hands on gold plated wires which are right size for the rings. These wires have ball like retainers on both ends which will help in preventing the beads from slipping out during jewelry making. Yo can use normal wires also for these rings.

Small beads

When you assemble the jewelry pieces on the wires, you may find some gap on both ends between each piece. These small beads inserted between each jewelry piece on both ends will cover the gap and make it more attractive. Select different colors to match with the inlaid stone.

Step 2: Tools and Accessories

Tools and Accessories

You need a wire cutter to trim the gold plated wires to the required length.

In addition, I have used the cap of a nail polish bottle to size the rings. If you look at the photograph, you may find that the size of my finger is almost equal to the size of the bottle cap. By using this bottle cap, I can make all rings to an equal inner diameter.

Step 3: Beads to Fill the Gap

See the gap on top and bottom of these jewelry pieces laid side by side. As I have mentioned earlier, these gaps need to be filled with small beads of different colors. I could not find beads of required size, but I could locate some chain-linked beads of different colors which will meet my requirement. Using the wire cutter, I have removed the links, collected the beads and discarded the metal pieces.

We will be using thirteen pieces of jewelry pieces per ring, and there will be 26 gaps in the ring on top and bottom. So you will need about 26 number of beads for one ring.

Step 4: Build the Rings

  • Take two pieces of gold plated wire.
  • Trim one side of the ball-shaped end on both the wires. This is not required if you are using normal wire.
  • Insert both the wires through the holes on top and bottom of a jewelry piece. You can see in the photograph, that the ball-shaped ends on both wires retain the jewelry piece from sliding out of the wire while working.
  • Insert the matching colored bead on both the wires.
  • Add another jewelry piece and couple of beads then. Continue till all thirteen pieces of jewelry pieces and 26 numbers of beads are properly assembled on the wire.
  • Place the assembled piece on the bottle cap and check for correct thickness.
  • Now insert both the free ends of the wires through the first jewelry piece on the wire
  • Again place the ring on the bottle cap and twist the both wires together tightly.
  • Trim excess wires and push the trimmed wire ends between the jewelry pieces.

Your ring is ready. Make many rings of different colored stone pieces and beads as you like

Step 5: Select and Wear a Ring to Suit Your Outfit

Select a ring to suit your outfit. Have fun...

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    4 years ago

    This is amazing! However, is it possible to enlarge this idea and turn this into a thin bracelet?


    Reply 4 years ago

    yes, you can make bracelets using the same materials


    Reply 4 years ago



    5 years ago

    beautiful! I don't think I'll try it because it seems too time consuming, but the completed pieces are gorgeous

    Muhaiminah Faiz
    Muhaiminah Faiz

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    You're welcome sir! I've never used gold plated jewelry pieces, but I will have to buy them :)