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Introduction: Yotzeret Design - Art Toys

A filmed procces of my art toys.

Step 1: Sketching, Sketching, Sketching...

Step 2: Sculpt

After founding the right shape on 2D Sketches, I started sculpturing and looking for the 3D right shapes, using industrial clay and sculpy.

Step 3: Baking!

Satisfied with my 3D shapes, the next step was baking them, so that the material will become stiff and won't be flexible anymore.

Step 4: Fixing

After the parts were stiff, I could have made little fixing work with some putty, filing and gnawing, using car filler and propoxy.

Step 5: Preparing the Prototypes to Pattern Mold.

I've created boxes made of kappa board, and placed the bodies inside the boxes on plasticine in a distace of about half inch.The plasticine was covering the body up to it's parting line.

Step 6: Molding Sillicone to Create the Patterns.

First, I've casted sillicone on the bodies. I used a very flexible sillicone (MAX 10) which was ready 24 hours after the cast. Then, I've turned over the boxes, opening the bottom, and took put the plasticine. I used separating spray on the prepared side of the mold, so that when I've casted the next side on it, it haven't stick together.

Step 7: ​Polyurethane Injection.

For the injections, I uded polyurethane smoothcast 300, which is a komponanti dialog material.. After mixing the materials togeher, the reaction between them, which taked a few minutes, makes a hard and stable plastic. I used a simple syrine to push the material inside the molds. The bodys have got out from the molds with extra part pieces which will be cutted off at the next step.

Step 8: Finishes and Primer Paint Before Coloring the Parts.

Step 9: Assembly and Paint

Step 10: A Good Friend Has Made Drawings of My Toys - Desos, Peth and Sero.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    These look really nice! Thank you for showing the details of how you make these figures.

    What kind of clay do you use for the initial figures?

    Yotzeret Design
    Yotzeret Design

    Reply 4 years ago


    Thank for your comment. I've used Sculpey.