Designing an Animation Logo

Introduction: Designing an Animation Logo

Having a logo for your animations is important, it gives your animations more of a personal touch. My production company is 'kr3w'. I used stop motion animation to create my logo. I took pictures 10 shots per frame in Stop Motion Pro. For my animation i just used the word 'kr3w'. I drew out the letters and then coloured them and cut them out so i could move them freely. I started with the 'K' coming down onto the paper, as the 'K' reached the right spot, the 'R' started to come down, followed by the '3' and then the 'W'. I made the 'W' spin around a few times to get into the right spot and make it a little more entertaining. Once I had the photos completed I put them together into an animation using Adobe Premiere. My animation was quite long and boring so I sped it up. When I did that my animation became quite short. I decided to copy my animation clip and make the second clip backwards. That made it longer and cooler. I decided to start my animation with a longer normal clip then followed by a longer backwards clip. My clips shortened as they went on making the animation speed up. I then decided to find a soundtrack to go along with the animation. I went onto and found a good up beat song without lyrics to play with my animation. I added in my song and shortened it to fit my animation and placed it in the right spot so that the music matched the animation. Once that was complete I had to export my animation so that it could be viewed without Premiere. I now have a logo for all future animations.

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