Designing and Siting Your Lean to Greenhouse (Not As Simple As It Sounds!)

About: I am a stone mason. My hobby is making new solar cooking and gardening stuff. I have used solar heat to cook soil for a couple of years. In mother earth news in January, i read that their compost expert does...

 This video will help you avoid mistakes and design and build a greenhouse suitable to your area and to your wants and needs.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    That is just awesome. Thanks so much for this info. Def gives me lots to think about with my location and how to set up my future green house in my backyard. Great things to consider if you dont have a wide open backyard.

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    Hello, and thanks. There is way more to consider than I expected. And way more things that might get in the way over the growing season. I am sorry that I have not done more work on this but I have the attention span of a small fly.
    At least I identified some of the pieces of common folklore that are just plain wrong! Hopefully others will take this information in and circulate it to the general population. Especially gardeners and greenhouse designers! I don't have any standing in either community so if "opinion leaders" can listen and hear, it is half the battle. We humans are social animals whose brains are simply not wired to think scientifically, but because we are social animals we listen to leaders!
    Thanks again