Desk Lamp Necklace and Bracelet Holder



Do you have a desk lamp that sits on your desk unused?  Do you have tangled jewelry that you ignore?  If so, have you ever considered using your desk lamp and a jewelry holder?

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Step 1: Items Needed: Desk Lamp and Jewelry

1. The desk lamp functions as the storage device  for the jewelry

2. Jewelry--necklaces and bracelets are items stored using the desk lamp

Step 2: Place the Jewelry on the Desk Lamp

Place jewelry on an unplugged desk lamp.  Depending on the design of the lamp it may be easier to hang certain items in different areas.  With this lamp, bracelets are easily stacked on top and necklaces hang best off the head of the lamp.  If you have a lot of jewelry, a desk lamp may not provide enough space for storage.

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