Desk Lcd Panel

Introduction: Desk Lcd Panel

Iv'e always wanted to have a dual monitor setup with a screen embedded in my desk. Well, I have done it! The project is a one day project, so make sure to put time for it.

What you need:

1 X 17" LCD monitor (any size will do, i have some lying around..)
2 X meters of black sticky paper (for covering the desk + the lcd bezel, Iv'e thought of all the posiblities: glass, perspex, acrylic - this is the ceapest!)
1 X DVI/VGA connector (i got 5 meter for $7)

!! Update: I added touch sensitivity via Wiimote and IR-pen. visit:;cat=3 to download files and try it for yourself!

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Step 1: Cutting the Border Out of the Wooden Desk

Remove the top panel of your desk and place the bezel of the LCD on the place where you want to make the cut. Make sure you make the cut a bit larger than the bezel. 

Then use a pencel to mark the outer border and make 4 holes with a drill saw. I found that is the best and easiest way to cut a rectangle in a piece of wood. 

finish the edges with  a sander.

Step 2: Fit the LCD Inside the Desk

Place the lcd inside the metal bezel and place it into the desk. make sure it sits well and does not fall from the other side. you can bolt a piece of thin wood to hold it in from the back.

Step 3: Stick the Black Tape on the Desk

Make sure you don't cut into the lcd when you cut the black tape (i did and made a slice in the display :-(.
Try to pop all the air bobbles so the desk is as smooth as can be.

Step 4: Last Step!

After you installed the monitor and made sure it worked it's time to put everything together!

Make sure all the cables are long enough and the lcd works, cause it's a huge pain to take it all apart because of a lose connection.

You are done! the best instructable for a spare lcd screen! 

!! comming: touch screen via webcam.

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    5 Discussions


    7 years ago on Step 4

    touch screen via webcam? why not just a tft touch layer? i'm sure it will work with your screen size, and it's really cheap. anyway, great ible. i plan on doin this.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Just added touch via Wiimote + IR, works great!


    I think that you forgot to attach the backlight of the LCD screen. It seems pretty dull in the photos you've taken...


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It is a bit dul,l but no i got both CCFL's connected. the reason its dim is because i removed the back panel of the lcd so it's a bit transparent, for a future touch webcam module.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    wouldn't the webcam pick up more that fingers, stylus, etc. ie. cursor movements, black windows, etc.?