Desk Organizer

Introduction: Desk Organizer

Every person has experienced trouble with organizing a desk. There is sometimes so many things to keep track of it is hard to stay organized and get work done efficiently. A Desk Organizer can solve all of these problems and you can make one from materials in your own home. 

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Step 1: Materials

Cardboard (A lot of it!)
Hot Glue Gun
Paint Brushes

Step 2: Measure & Cut Cardboard

Measure then Cut the Cardboard into each desired size for each box.

Box 1 for the paper and the rulers:
Two 10.5X11.5
One 1X10.5
Two 11.5X3

Box 2 for the calculator and the protractor:
Two 8X8
Four 1X8

Step 3: Gather Box Pieces

Box 1:
Two 10.5X11.5
One 1X10.5
Two 11.5X3

Box 2:
Two 8X8
Four 1X8

Step 4: Hot Glue the Cardboard

Use Hot Glue and connect each piece of cardboard into the two separate boxes. Make sure all of the sides line up before you begin to glue, or the glue will dry and the box will not be sealed properly. 

One 8x8 box. 

One 11.5x10.5 box. 

Step 5: Accessibility

Cut part of the smaller box to make the calculator and protractor more accessible. 

Step 6: Paint!

Use acrylic paint and decorate the cardboard. 

Step 7: Layer the Boxes on Top of Each Other

Hot Glue the small box on top of the larger bottom box. 

Step 8: Tape Spool

Connect the spool with hot glue for the tape to the big box.

Step 9: Organize and Enjoy!

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