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Introduction: Desk Organizer

I don't know about you, but I have a lot of random small pieces of wood laying around from previous projects that I can't bring myself to get ride of due to their beauty and grain or because I am a wood hoarder, so I found a great small project to do with them! Everyone is in need of a desk organizer or somewhere to put their wallet, phone, and sunglasses at night!

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Step 1: Glue and Clamp Scraps

First I grabbed two scrap pieces of 2x4 from an old project and glued then together to make a rough 4x4

Step 2: Sand and Trace

Then I sanded the wood down and traced my wallet. You can trace your wallet, sun glass or whatever you want it to hold on top of the wood.

Step 3: Saw

Next I used a table saw to slice row after row until the grove was thick enough for my wallet to fit. This was just a quick fix as I do not own a dado blade.

Step 4: Cell Phone and Glasses Pocket

My wallet sat nicely on my desk organizer, but my cellphone had no where to go! That's ok! Easy fix!

I found more scrap wood out of my wood fire pit and put the wood together with glue and clamps. I did the same method of tracing out where I wanted my phone and glasses to go and then went to the table saw to slice the pockets into the wood.

Step 5: Burn Baby Burn!

Once the pieces of wood were all cut and put together, I decided to try something new and fun: Japanese Burnt Wood.

This can be a little dangerous but the finished look is beautiful and all you need is a blowtorch. If you look at other Instructable projects that I have done, you can see how you can turn any wood project into a Japanese Burnt Wood Project!

TIP: Prepare the burnt wood before gluing together, turns out the glue protects the wood from burns a bit.

Step 6: Poly and Enjoy

After you have bunt your wood or have decided to keep it's natural beauty, apply polyurethane over your project so your stuff doesn't get black marks all the time. That's it! You now have yourself a awesome looking desk organize.

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3 years ago

I took a slightly different approach to organizing my desk but, I'm bad at remembering to take process pictures : /