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Introduction: Desk + Outlet Organizer

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Does this resemble the area around your extension cable?
Does dust and other small pieces of unwanted materials lie around it?
Do have to go to the root of the wire and guide it along until you find the end and then untangle it from the mess?

If you answered yes to any of these, here's my take to a solution to those problems.  

What did you make?
-I made a wire organizer out of plastic and scissors that makes my life easier and keeps my mom from yelling at me to clean the dust in my room.  It holds up the wires from an extension outlet, providing easy access to the wires.  I also used framing tape to hold up the extension off the ground, making the floor cleaner. 
How did you make it?
-I got the idea of make this after seeing the ten dollar wire organizers sold at office supply stores.  I made this myself and I tried out different designs before cutting the final shape. 
Where did you make it?
-I made this after coming home from school frustrated with the wires sprawling all over the floor.  I also almost stepped onto one of the tips, potentially breaking it.  Small projects like these help me exercise my problem solving skills, preparing me for my future pursuit of engineering. 
What did you learn?
-My biggest challenge that I faced during the build was figuring out how to attach my organizer to the table or light.  I am proud that I  was able to make something that functioned as well as it did for such a low cost (0$!).  If I could do something different, I would try to make another one with thicker plastic so that the plastic doesn't droop. 

Step 1: Materials + Tools

You will need the following: 
-Thin plastic sheets (try with one, and try with multiple) from packaging from food or electronics
-Strips of tape that are used to hang frames (
-A desire to organize your "controlled mess"

Step 2: Fixing the Outlet on Floor Problem

Most keep their outlets on the floor which results in dust gathering and could potentially lead to sparks if not cleaned.  To help that, you can position the plugs sideways on a desk.  What I did was take two of the strips and position them such that the plug could be taken off if needed.  With this, my floor is a lot cleaner and less dusty.  

Step 3: Making the Wire Holder

When I need to charge something, I hate having to dive down and find the plugs on the floor.  It's also annoying if you step on the plugs since they hurt when stepped on and are pretty delicate.  
My solution to this problem was to use some plastic around the house to serve as a holder for all my plugs.  

The 1st picture is me experimenting with different cut out shapes seeing which shapes are idea to :
1. Keep the plugs from falling out
2. Ensuring easy access to pull it out and to put it back in

I came to the conclusion that the left and the middle shapes, are the best to use since the right shape causes some wires to fall out.  Also, the first two designs let the user pull one end up and one end down since it is plastic letting for easy access.  

Since I knew that my parents would not be happy with me drilling the base of the light on which I am attaching the holder, I made another plastic piece in the shape of a doughnut to hoop over the light and staple to the main holder piece. 

I recommend trying different shapes and sizes depending on the wire you plan to hold as these are just ones that came to mind and fit my specific situation. 

Step 4: Thanks for Checking This Out!

If you are interested in my other projects, check out my profile and my blog,

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