Desk Wire and Cable Management - Solved




Introduction: Desk Wire and Cable Management - Solved

I think I have finally found a solution for wire and cord management under my desks. I call it the JDB Works Super Wire Management System or JDBWSWMS for short.

I had been looking online for something to tame the growing mess on the floor. The prices where out of this world $30 for a 2 foot piece of flimsy plastic that was only 2 inches wide.

I had used similar products before and once you put in the power strip and a power converter block or two there was scant room for anything else.

I had used Velcro straps screwed into the bottom of the desk, but these still left loose ends hanging down which were tempting toys for the cat or dogs.

I would also catch the wires every now and then with my feet. Not to mention trying to vacuum under them.

So I put the old brain to work and I came up with this:

Step 1: It's an Eves-trough!

It is so simple and elegant.  I used white plastic eves-trough this time so you could see it .  I usually use brown.

You can buy them at any home home / building store. I purchased mine at Menard's. It is about $8 to $10 for the 10 foot trough and the brackets are $2 to $3.

Step 2: Use a Spacer

I spaced the brackets 2 feet on center to hit the studs and used a spacer block to place them 6 inches from the underside of the desk.
Once you have the spacers attached to the wall (it works on the apron, or front of desks too).

Step 3: Slide the Trough Up in the Back of the Bracket

The trough just slides up in the back of the bracket and when you have all your wires set just snap in the front of the bracket.
The front will pop out too if you need to change things later on.

Step 4: And Your Done!

So if you are tired of looking at that mess under your desk and you are a little handy with a screw driver and a hand saw (to cut the trough to size) you can have a neat and clutter free floor.

At least free of wire and cable clutter.  ;^)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    the one thing I would do different is to have a different track for data and video lines. Data lines are not always shielded so to prevent power interference. I know the interference is minimal but I like to play on the safe side. It also makes things a bit more organized


    7 years ago on Introduction

    One thing in addition to this trough is you ought to do as i do in this matter...label the plug end of each cable, and then organize them according to preference...Such as...Computer CPU Pluge 1st, Computer Monitor 2nd, Computer Speakers (if independantly powered) 3rd, Printer 4th, etc. etc. etc.
    Then @ the wall outlet, label the surge protectors according to the type...IE: Computer Componants 1st, and Accessories (speakers, printers, etc.) 2nd, then anything else you might have plugged in...

    If you do this, and something needs to be unplugged, you can go straight for the source you need to pull...not play hide and seek with it!!! hahaha

    Hope this helps...


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the tip, I was just happy to get them off the floor. I will do something like that on my next "gut and clean" session ;^)


    This is really slick and it has slim profile. Good work, this is an excellent upcycle of gutters!