Desk Lamp Hack - DIY - a Penny Saved!

Introduction: Desk Lamp Hack - DIY - a Penny Saved!

About: Hello I'm Ostin.A tyro techie living in India. I love messing around with electronics,Gadgets.

Hello friends ! I'm Ostin. I like to explain about, how to esprit dead desk lamp ? It is very easy, simple and saves bucks.

Usually led desk lamb dies soon, Mostly these problems are not due to circuit failures but batteries. These batteries are mostly lead acid type.

To be frank 99 % of led lamps are made in china. It takes very long to time to reach customers in various parts of the world, By then the lead acid in the battery gets dried up or they are not filling acid enough .

I'm facing this problem in almost all the electronics, which is included with this type of batteries. This is why china electronics dies often. Let me explain you, how to fix this?

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Step 1: Dead Lamp

Pic 1 - Lamp is in Off state

Pic 2 - Lamp is ON - Almost dead, has some traces of light.

Step 2: Tools and Equipments Needed

1) Led desk lamp

2) Screw driver

3) Solder

4) Lead

5) Syringe

6)Distilled water( For Battery)

Step 3: Unscrew the Desk Lamp

Unscrew the desk lamp with screw driver

Step 4: Remove the Terminal Connections

Remove the battery terminal connection from the circuit using solder or wire cutters.

Pic 2,3 - Remove the flap from the battery

Pic 4 - Remove the rubber enclosure from the battery

Usually these types of battery are advertised as maintenance free and non reusable,But it is not.

Step 5: Inject Distilled Water

Use syringe and inject distilled water in to the battery. It consumes very low quantity of distilled water, around 10 to 20 drop. Dont worry even if it consumes less.

Fill it till neck. Do not pour out any liquid from battery .

Step 6: Solder the Terminals

Enclose the battery and solder the terminal.

Replace the bottom cover and screw It up.

Step 7: Charge It

Charge the lamp for 1 hour .

Step 8: Before and After

Check Out!! Desk lamp got up alive. I have charged it only for 10 minutes.Try it!



Comment down your reviews and ideas.Thanks.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool, but how do you connect the wires back together like that?