Desk Phone Stand With Sugru and Samsung TecTiles




Introduction: Desk Phone Stand With Sugru and Samsung TecTiles

For a while I have wanted (needed perhaps?) a dock for my S4 when I sit at my desk. I'll show you how I made one with Sugru and a TecTile. 

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Step 1: It's Pretty Basic Stuff...

The pictures tell the story pretty well. Sugru is extremely easy to work with, I cut the package open with almost no trouble at all.

Step 2:

I tried to make a mustache but I'm no Salvador Dali, I did manage to roll out a nice ball as a starting point though.

Step 3:

Lay a small piece of plastic (I cut a square out of a goldfish bag we got at the pet store earlier in the day, we named the fish Fred FWIW) over the sugru to allow easy removal from your phone.

Press your phone into the center of the ball, not too far or you will have a base that is too thin. 

Step 4:

Now we will form the back of the base that holds the phone at a slight angle (for my viewing pleasure).

I take the Sugru off of the phone in this step only to show the general shape you should have around the phone at this stage. You don't really need to take it off unless your a stickler about following the steps exactly as shown.

Step 5:

This step is called Patience, We now wait for the Sugru to set long enough to hold the phone up without any help. I waited 5 hours just to make sure the thicker parts were set all the way through. 

Step 6:

The final step is making sure you have NFC enabled and programming your tag to suit your needs, I cut the tag into a circle cause I'm fancy but you don't have to.

That's it! We did it!

You now have a (re)Programmable Desk Stand made with your very own hands!

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    mostly water
    mostly water

    6 years ago on Step 3

    This Instructable puzzles me. What kind of fish is Fred?