Desktop Artillery Unit




Introduction: Desktop Artillery Unit

This is my first original unit in my desktop artillery collection. It fires a white or green projectile about a metre and a half. its good for desktop battles. It uses minimal peices and it very easy to build.

This is my first instructable so yeah...there are bigger and better things coming. more artillery.

Step 1: Parts

these are the parts you will need, or they are the parts i used anyway.

3 light grey connectors
5 grey connectors ( i used 1 black one)
2 orange connectors
1 snowflake interlocking
1 semi circle interlocking

3 blue bars
2 grey/yellow
1 metallic green/red
1 white/grey

1 cog (optional)
rubber band

Step 2: Step 1

connect your interlocking parts.

Step 3: Step 2

add two blue connectors with light grey connectors on the ends, make this into a triangle by adding the grey/yellow bars

put red/green bar at diagonal for barrel.

Step 4: Step 3

create firing mechanism as shown.

Step 5: Step 4

make firing hammer by connecting a grey connecter to blue bar. then loop rubber band through the hole.

Step 6: Step 5

connect rubber band to orange connector, therefore attaching firing hammer.

Step 7: Optional Extras

well done, you have a new artillery unit.

some extras you can add with the peices are a brace for the barrel or a counter-weight at the back

also feel free to suggest any mods you may have.



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    15 Discussions

    i like it. though but the trigger could use a tune up. other than that, 4 stars. nice jod.

    the way it fires is the ligh gart conter with the yellow rod get pushed where the fire pin is and then u push the yellow rod and it fires

    its is very cool and shoots pretty far with the rubber band im using i like it

    it would b good if u put a video f us 2 c it in action

    I'm gonna use this as a piece to a game I'm gonna make out of knex. Hint: lots of shooting.

    it does actually fire a few metres but i wrote the wrong thingo, but yeah, use a smaller rubber band and it will.

    Ha ha, very novel! The mech is not new, but it made me laugh so +1.

    at lease its a little better then a simple block trigger. but i would like to see better guns for the follow up instructable. just an idea.