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Introduction: Desktop Ballista

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This Ballista adds a touch of class to any Desk.

The Ballista is Greek in origin but used by the Romans and by empires of the middle ages as well.

Though it may not use the torsion springs of the original Greek Ballistas (which originated from about 400 B.C.) it still retains some of the original qualities of a ballista.

Here are some specs on the desktop Ballista.
- 3 yd range (with 1/4 Popsicle sticks)
- roughly 9 inches long by 5 inches wide
- height of 5 inches
- made in 2 1/2 hours
- made from 1 washer, roughly 25 Popsicle sticks, roughly 10 inches of string, 7.5 inches of small diameter dowel, 2 inches of medium size dowel, 1/4 inch of large diameter dowel, 2 medium size rubber bands, wood glue and hot glue.
- I used a small vise, a 3 file set, a hacksaw, a good work bench, and a hot glue gun.

Great as a toy for younger kids all the way to adults (remember, always use caution and good common sense and always supervise kids when using this )



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    I'm impressed, this isn't just a copy of my idea, you actually improved on my design and actually made it your own! Not only that, but it looks like your Ballista is of superior craftsmanship and skill. Please feel free to make an instructable of your Ballista, and don't bother referencing mine, as I feel that you basically came up with the idea for your design and used your own ingenuity.

    can you PLEASE write the instructions? if they are in the pdf, i can't open it because i'm a BASIC member please put them where the materials you listed are

    Please add add instructions on how to build this amazing work of art.I am a preteen who loves to build and engineer, and I would love to see instructions on how to make this.

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    Very nice , but one QUESTION. HOW THE HECK DO YOU BUILD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????. Please, thank you

    This is a very clever toy. It is one of those summer projects made with just things found around the house. The design and workmanship reflect care. It is one of those toys that you look at and see the creativity in simplicity of design. This project is in the great tradition of homemade toys. Nostalgic!

    Nice job

    If you didn't use wood glue, I would recommend using it, and I think it would be cool if you stained the wood or painted it.

    I did in fact use wood glue for all of it except for the string attached to the reloading mechanism. The staining idea is great! I will use that idea the next time I make something like this. Thanks.