Desktop Fire Tornado

Introduction: Desktop Fire Tornado

About: i am in class 11 and i like making rc cars and other rc stuffs i also like making unique models .

today i am going to show u how to make a fire tornado at home.
it is cheap;-) nice.
all u need is to go step by step

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Step 1: Types

they are of 2 types
1. rotating fuel
2.rotating fan

here i have made 1. rotating fuel as i was not able to get fan of required speed. i.e. not too fast not too slow.

Step 2: Materials

u will need
1. fences the one with small square holes {#i dont know what it is really called} ( of ur own dimensions make sure that ur rectangle will form a cylinder)
3. cotton cloth piece
5.metal cylinder {small}
6. base
7. fuel(i have used both alcohol and petrol both)

Step 3: Making Base

to make the base u just need to make a support and fit the motor at base. then use POP to cover the motor to make it strong enough to rotate the cylindrical top.
refer to image for more help.

Step 4: Making the Top Cylinder

find the length and breadth of rectangular wire fence .
take L and use circumference formula i.e. 2πr = L and find the radius.
use that radius to form circular wooden base.
fix the base with forged all around to make the top.

Step 5: Firing Part

use the small cylinder { i made it out of 9v battery so u must get the size}
and fix it with a gear beneath the circular base and cylinder on top so that u can attach the base to motor and fix them with screws.
plz refer the images and make sure that u place cylinder at the center.

Step 6: Burning Tip

use cotton cloth and copper wire to fom a rope and then rotate it to make a small solenoid .
place it inside the small cylinder.

Step 7: How to Use

drop by drop release the fuel in the burning part.
light it up and power the motor.
i use 5v adapter to power it from mains but u can use battery , cells ,etc.
control the speed and u will get a nice fire dance.
also provide me with ur progress.

best of luck my friends.

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