Desktop Flicking Game

Introduction: Desktop Flicking Game

I saw a desktop game on YouTube that looked pretty fun. I thought to myself, "Hmm, I wonder how I can make that. . ." And came up with this! The rules to play the game is simple : Put one of the pieces behind the foul line and flick. The rubber bands will aim it towards the goal. When the piece stops moving, see which line it is on or passed. The numbers above the line tell you how many points you earned. You can play by yourself or against someone else. Making the game is as simple as playing it. These are the materials needed.

Rubber band
Tape or glue


Step 1: Floor

Copy the lines shown in the picture above onto the cardboard. Cut the shape out like shown. Also cut the middle line up to where the two lines next to each other are.

Step 2: Folding

Fold the line closest to the diagonal lines downward. Fold the next one up. You should now have a section that is lower than the rest of the floor.

Step 3: Walls

Cut out walls and tape or glue them onto the sides. Don't make a wall for the side opposite the the one with the lowered out part to make flicking easier I started with the walls shown above, but cut out taller walls. I also made the walls lower than the floor so the game would be uneven (because of the part that is lower than all the others).

Step 4: Rubber Band and Lines

Take the thick rubber band and cut it once. You should end up with a long rubber string. Find the middle and attach it to the shortest wall on the side where the diagonal lines are. Attach the two other ends to the other sides of the diagonal lines. I attached mine using a thick wire and wrapping it around the rubber band. Draw a line near the entrance and label it "foul". You must not put your piece pass the line. Draw four more on the other side,evenly spaced out and label the top one 10, next 20, next 50, and the lat one 100.

Step 5: Pieces

Color a piece of thick cardboard red and another one blue. Cut out small squares. I cut five of each color. These are the pieces.

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