Desktop Pen Mortar! (7-13 Ft. Range!)

This is a desktop pen mortar that gets usually 7 feet without a big spring, and 12 feet with a big spring.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need scissors, a 'bic' pen, and one of those pens with a highlighter or light on the end of it. If you want extra power with your desktop pen mortar, get another pen with a bigger spring and use that instead of using the spring from the pen with the highlighter.

Step 2: Take the Bic Pen's Lid Off.

Using the scissors, pry the bic pen's lid off. you'll have the hollow pen tube, and the ink tube attached to the pen part. We will only need the pen part with the ink tube.

Step 3: Unscrew the Other Pen

This is simple. Just take the other pen, then unscrew the cap. Only take out the pen part and the spring.

Step 4: Take Off the Clear Cap, and Pour Everything Out.

Now, take off the clear cap that holds everything in off the pen by prying it off with your nail. Afterwards, pour all the pieces into your hand. Get rid of everything except the small grey piece.

Step 5: Almost Finished!

Take the small gray piece, and attack to the end of the bic pen. It should fit on snug.

Step 6: Load the Weapon.

Take the spring off the pen piece from the highlighter pen. You can also get a bigger spring for bigger range. Insert it into the highlighter pen all by itself, then push the pen with the gray piece on it in, then, push the piece on the highlighter pen that usually pushes the pen out for writing up for more range. Then let go quick and the pen should shoot out!

Step 7:

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