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Introduction: Desktop Photography Studio

This is an extremely easy way to take professional looking photos of objects using virtually any camera. I prefer DSLR, just because of the zoom and clarity of final product. Macro lenses also work well, but you certainly don't have to use one to get great photos.

For this simple project, you need a source of bright light, some flexible white poster board, tape, and a few random objects to prob the walls up.

First, tape down a section of poster board (size depends on how big your subject is) about 3-4 inches from the wall. Then rest another piece of poster board on the edge of the other piece. Apply tape to the back of the top of that piece, push down slightly, and stick the taped area to the wall. I recommend using ducktape. Once you've done this, the curvature of the ramp part should be smooth and virtually seamless. Make sure that it is just so, as it will help give your subject a "floating" effect.

Next, prop up another piece of poster board on each side of your ramp. You can lengthen the top, or leave it short. Your choice. Then turn your light on and suspend it over your ramp. You may try different angles of the walls, as to reflect more or less light on your subject.

Finally, set your subject up near the center of the curved part of the ramp at the angle you choose, using random objects and tape.

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    Click the orange ribbon in the top right-hand corner. Thanks!

    You can also use one of those giant 3M Post it pads used in meetings at work. Heres an example of one I just took.


    Good execution. No need for expensive lighting equipment!

    You could improve upon the lighting by putting a diffuser over the light source (tissue paper, vellum, etc.) to soften it.

    Note text correction suggestion: …"prob" the walls up.

    should be edited to read "prop"? Yes?

    1 reply

    Yes. You are right about the correction; I apologize for that. Thanks for the diffuser tip!

    Your welcome! Thanks for commenting on my project! Vote me if you can :) I entered in the photography tips and tricks contest.