Desktop Plant




I needed a plant on my desk. I thought of getting a pot but its not that interesting.
Then I found a plastic container and thought it'd make a good pot for a small plant.
The transparency then gave me the idea of letting the roots be visible too!
That made things a little more interesting!
It takes 5 minutes to make it. most of the things are free! (unless you want something that looks better)

These are chilly plants/sprout. The plants may not last too long in here. But its just to keep things interesting.
I like to watch things grow. Observing the tiny details. The roots growing, new leaves emerging.
I'm sure you will too!

Please try it out, improvise on it, make it better! Upload it! Make it free for everyone! Good things should be free!




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    Thankyou :)

    These are chilly sprouts. They will stay small and grow very slowly. I don't know how long they will last but they are good so far...

    Make sure you dont put them out in the sun.
    I did once and they almost died. Got them back in and they were back to normal in 36 hours.