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I recently moved my Desktop cabinet to such location where its power/reset button was not easily accessible. And usually I end up with displacing stuff on my workdesk while powering on my workstation. After struggling about a week I came up with an idea of power/reset button extension. So I would like to share my build log with you guys so that you can take advantage of extension. Let's get ignited :P

Step 1: PCB Design and Fabrication

I first designed a simple 8 point PCB using Eagle CAD. 4 points are for Power and HDD LED and another 4 for Power and Reset switch. Then I used toner transfer method for etching the PCB. Result was pretty satisfying.

Then I mounded the components like push switches and LEDs, soldered carefully. I have attached the Circuit and Board file so that you can directly modify or use as it is.

I extended the button top with plastic rod. I used Cat5 cable (as it contains 8 wires). On the other end I soldred power connector.

Step 2: Case Design on CNC

After successfully testing the PCB, I designed the enclosure from a 8mm MDF. I machined it using my Home Made CNC Router. Design idea was very simple and I wanted it to be partially transparent so that lights can be used as decoration purpose also. So I partially used 5mm transparent plastic sheet and engraved some random design on it.

I sanded it well and added holes for PCB. You can get design files and GCode from my Inventables Project.

Step 3: Test the Setup

I then tested whole setup to make sure the working and connections. In this step I found the Blue LED was very bright and pointy so I sanded the top of the LED to remove its focus.

Step 4: Painting

Now its time to color up the things to improve visual appearance. I applied black color inside and red outside. I applied 2 coats of black and 3 coats of red color. It took around 1 and half day to complete the coloring process as paint took much time to completely dry.

Outer color is still pending as I have planned some Indian Graffiti (Mandna) on it. I will update that as well once done.

Step 5: Final Assembly

It's time to pack up the whole setup. I screwed the PCB on the base and final tested the working. And closed it with the top part.



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