Desktop Analogue Pinball Machine





Introduction: Desktop Analogue Pinball Machine

Always wanted a pinball machine but a full sized one is too big and shipping over 1 is way over budget. so i decided to go with a desktop size

See the pinball in action!:

Step 1: Test Fitting the Toy Pinball

test fitting Tomy's astro shooter

Step 2: Building the Main Body Using Mdf and Plywood

building the main body using mdf and plywood

Step 3: Surface Is Primed and Ready for Spraying

surface is primed and ready for spraying

Step 4: Adding Sound Reactive and Motion Leds

Step 5: Adding Legs Using Angle Bar

Step 6: Designing and Pasting of Vinyl Decals

Step 7: Adding Coinbox and Plunger

coinbox is just cover of a metal container and the plunger handle is from a knob of a pan cover

Step 8: See It in Action!

See the pinball in action!:



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    Thanks!! it should be working now.

    cheers! :)

    Sorry didn't see any instruction on making a desktop pinball game.