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During the cold winter nights, one really looks forward to a nice hot beverage to keep warm. But what if you're working and your coffee starts getting cold? This is a SUPER easy project to make and is very cheap. This cup warmer is powered by a tea light candle, and can keep your beverage nice and warm for around an hour.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Materials

All you need is :

1) A tea light candle

2) A marker/pen

3) A sharp cutting tool

4) A small pringles can

Step 2: Making the Body

Take a small empty pringles can and mark a box around halfway. Make these boxes on two sides. Cut out the two boxes on either side. These will be the vents for air to go in and out of.

Since my cutting was terrible, I covered it up with a red piece of paper. I measured out and glued a red paper so it looked very festive.

Step 3: Assembly

Take your tea light candle and put it on something (in my case a small bottle) so that the wick reaches the vents. Light the candle and put the can on top (metal top facing up). The candle heat will heat up the plate and will in turn warm your cup.

You're done!

Step 4: Final Notes

This desktop cup warmer is an ideal gift for Christmas. You can also customize it as per your liking.

There are some precautions you must take while using this, as there is fire involved. I have documented some those in this video.

Thank you for viewing this instructable, and if you liked it, favorite and comment.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Yes, true ... but I'd rather be a bit careful not to touch the can rather than risking starting a fire by placing a candle inside a cardboard tube. Each to their own I guess :-)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea.

    During maybe 30 years, to heat or maintain hot the beverages I used my desktop lamp, provided with a filament bulb and metal lampshade. Even when the beverage was totally cold, in 5-6 minutes it turned hot enough to drink. The lampshade must cover totally the cup, and the bulb as close as possible to the liquid surface. This arrangement is useful even to heat little sweet snacks.

    1 reply

    4 years ago

    Good idea! But I think I would use a tin can. Although unlikely, the cardboard may burn.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    The tin can would get SUPER hot within seconds, and you could get burnt if you touched it. The cardboard does not conduct heat so rapidly, so you can touch without being burned. Thanks for the comment :)