Desoldering Micro Processors


Introduction: Desoldering Micro Processors

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Desoldering micro processors in 10 second

Step 1: Materials

I am gonna explain you how to re-solder MCPs and other SMD parts on your PCBs with a regular heatgun

Aluminium plate

Step 2: Making an Adoptor for the Heat Gun

The reason I do that is making a smaller air flow for the micro processors' pins. Otherwise we can damage the processor or the other components. Just roll the Aluminyum sheet around the heater and leave a small air space to let the air out.

Step 3: Removing the Parts.

Heat up the pins for 5-10 seconds and remove the components with a tweezers.



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    Another use of the aluminum would be to cut out just enough to let your part of desire exposed while covering (and thus thermo-protecting) the rest. Cut out with a exacto-knife works very good and i had good success with it...

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    I did similar what you said while repairing my macbook pro's logic board. First I covered with paper all the board then aluminium sheet around it. Only issue is that air came into aluminium a lot and couldn't exit. Result: macbook is working, I melted my speaker's plastic case:). So, as you said, only cut out is enough on the aluminium sheet. Never roll it.

    very nice way to recover the useful components from the unuseful pcbs...only concern careful about the fumes ..

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    Yes, today I recovered many components like this and I realised that these dishes are smelling bad if I heat more then one minute. So, we must wait to cool it frequently