Despicable Me Valentines Day Box




Introduction: Despicable Me Valentines Day Box

This is a Minion from Despicable Me.

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Step 1: Supplies

-electrical tape 
-yellow paper
-hinged shoe box
-hot glue gun
-lid (like the kind you get at the restaurants on the kids' cups.)
-duck tape
from here down is the optional list 
-rubber band
-old wire
-switch (I got it from an old broom vacuum) (optional) 

Step 2: Skin

Use the hot glue gun or another kind of glue and yellow paper to cover the whole box. Then put the electrical tape around the box to make the strap. Be sure the box can still open.

Step 3: Goggle

Cover the lid with duck tape so there is no (in my case) red showing. Glue the lid in the middle of the black tape (strap). This will be his scientist goggle. Cut out a piece of paper, just a little bit smaller than the lid for his eye.

Step 4: Hair

To make the hair, take two paper clips and bend them straight. Then, put the paper clips on the electrical tape and cover each paper clip with the electrical tape. After that, cut each paper clip into thirds. Now you can glue these onto his head. This will be his hair.

Step 5: Opining

Cut all of the edges off the lid (don't cut the hinged part of the box off).  Then, take a piece of electrical tape and fold it 3/4 of the way, so it still has enough of the sticky side to attach it to the lid of the box. Now, attach it to the strap that's running around the box. This will be the clasp to hold the box shut.

Step 6:

Take about 3 inches of a paper clip and  bend it a a 90 degree angle. close the box and place the clasp over the other side of the goggle strap so they are overlapped. poke the bent paper clip through the box and the strap  so it is in the center of the black tape. Then, tape the paper clip on the inside of the box so it will stay in place. Now, the strap should be able to hold the box shut.

Step 7: Eye

Drill a hole through the box, the lid, and the white paper, to make a hole big enough to fit the light (pupil). Or, simply draw a pupil on it instead.

Step 8: Face

You can draw whatever kind of face you want on it. If you need face ideas look up Despicable Me Minions on the internet. Next, using a knife, cut a rectangular hole in the top of his head for the Valentines to go in.  

Step 9: Pants

Below, is an  example of what it's pants could look like. Or, make your own style of pants.

Step 10: Done (Optional)

Now you're done! If you are following the optional route keep on going. Otherwise you are done with your box!

Step 11: Lighting

Okay, now for the light circuit. First, you will need to attach one wire to the light.  Then, attach the wire on the switch to the light as well. Now, you will need to attach both of those wires to the battery (if you don't get it, look at the picture below). Push the light through the hole inside the box. You can let the rest of the circuit sit at the bottom of the box.

Step 12: Done!

Finally you are done with this project! Have fun showing this off to your friends.

Credit to NErDy NErDs for the idea! 

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