Dessert Sushi or Healthy Banana Snack? You Decide.

Introduction: Dessert Sushi or Healthy Banana Snack? You Decide.

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A friend recently put me in charge of desserts for a sushi making party and I brought ingredients for this quick snack. We had everyone make their own which kept everyone playful and creative and allowed for variations.

This is a snack that can be made many different ways. The process photos only include the following ingredients for a tasty, raw snack:

- banana

- shredded coconut

- peanut butter

- ground dark chocolate

I made an alternate version of this snack substituting out the ground dark chocolate and instead using cake crunch (think the addictive crunchy texture in Dairy Queen cakes!) but again, you can make this a hundred different ways and it will be just as tasty.

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Step 1: Prep the Banana

The main part of this snack that gives the 'sushi' its round shape is the banana and the peanut butter acts as a glue. The toppings you add are really up to you.

I recommend cutting the banana in half to make rolling the toppings on easier. Smooth the peanut butter over all sides of the banana and then you're ready for the fun part.

Step 2: Roll on Your Toppings

To get the dark chocolate to stick, I recommend putting dark chocolate chips in a coffee or nut grinder or small food processor.

Lay out each topping and roll the banana+PB to coat it in each. If you want larger toppings to stick, try starting with a thicker peanut butter layer before adding anything.

Step 3: Plate Your 'sushi' and Enjoy!

Try again with different toppings and see how many people you can get to make these with you. The combinations and the process are the best part :-)

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