So during our Sister's Appreciation event, I was in charge of desserts.  I baked 2 carrot cakes, 2 white chocolate key lime pies, and 2 lemon bars.  I also prepared for the red bean ice drink/dessert.

I didn't take too many pictures--was in a rush to get everything done.  A friend probably has more pics with them all cut up and fancy looking.

(Ignore the things in the top left corner...)



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    So, could you post the recipe/'ible for the red bean ice drink/dessert? I happen to love red bean desserts I've gotten at our local dim sum place, but have no idea how to go about recreating them. Please, pretty please?

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, sorry for not replying right away.

    You pretty much need four things. Red beans, Rock sugar, Evaporated milk, and Shaved ice.

    Soak the beans over night. Discard the water/liquid, Then boil them until they're soft. (They should expand a lot.)

    Melt the rock sugar. Have a pot of water--don't need too much (this is because you'll be adding in the shaved ice later and it'll be diluted). Heat it up and add in the rock sugar. It should end up pretty thick.

    Wait for beans/sugar water to cool.

    Grab a container. Add in as much of the beans, syrupy sugary water, shaved ice, and evaporated milk as you'd like. You can play around with the proportions till you're satisfied.

    And that's pretty much it... currently don't have time to show you with pics and everything... maybe in the summer... hopefully this was helpful.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much, veggie boy! (can I call you veggie for short--never mind, now that I look at it, it didn't come out so well!) Anyway, you're right, that sounds simple enough. We're talking, er, texting about adzuki beans here, right? I'll have to check out my co-op or health-food store for them. Aside here: isn't it odd that we have to have a special store for "health food"? How sad, too. Certainly the stuff they sell in the average grocery store is so often UNhealthy. Don't get me started! Anyway, thank you again. I'm going to enjoy this so much!