Destiny Hunters Knife Prop

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Anyone who play the game Destiny surely know this weapon in the game. Hunters Knife. Here, i will show you how i make mine.

Materials Needed :

  • 3mm Acrylic / MDF
  • Laser Cutter / Scroll Saw
  • Contact glue
  • Bondo Body Filler / Epoxy Putty
  • Sandpaper 120/400/800/1200grit
  • Primer spray
  • Spray paint Birch Grey, Aluminium/Chrome
  • Acrylic paint Black
  • Shoelaces
  • Hot glue gun

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Step 1: The Template

I traced the image with Illustrator and export it into DXF and PDF. I have a laser cutter so i export the DXF into my laser cutter software and cut 3mm acrylic. If you don't have access to a laser cutter, print the PDF in A3. You can cut acrylic, MDF with a scroll saw or cardboard/foam with a sharp blade knife.

Step 2: Glue Them Together

There's 4 layers and now its time to glue them all together. First, glue the center layer together. There's two center layer (red line) and its identical. Glue them together with contact glue. Apply contact glue to both sides to be glued together. Wait for a few minutes and apply them together. After the center is glued, glue the sides to the center layer. One side each. same method.

For the engraved part, if you don't have a laser cutter, you can just cut it for the indent. Just it will be deeper indent.

Step 3: Filling the Edges

Now, you have to fill the blade edges. You can use bondo or epoxy putty. I used both. Fill the edges including the ones at the three holes. After the putty cured, sand it with 120grit. then move to 400grit and 800grit. Sometimes, when sanding, there's some small holes, fill those holes and sand them again.

Step 4: Paint

When everything is dry, apply primer to the knife. Apply a few layers and wait till it dry. Wet sand with 1200grit afterward. Then, paint it with "Aluminium" or "Chrome" as the base. This may sound weird, but grab some toothpaste, apply to the knife randomly. Spray "Birch Grey" next. Wipe the toothpaste and it will show the aluminium/chrome layer. You can apply some black to it if you want. Use acrylic black randomly and wipe immediately.

* Everytime u spray paint the knife, please wait it to fully dry before spraying another layer

As for the handle part, I used shoelace. Yup . black shoelace. I hot glue the end of the shoe lace, wrap it around the handle and hot glue the other end.

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