Destiny's Exotic Bountys

Introduction: Destiny's Exotic Bountys

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This instructable is for all the exotic bounties in destiny. I have been waiting for a while to finally get a exotic bounty and just the other day I got to chose one. I was so excited and so I went online and researched what bounty was best that I could choose from. I found that tolands legacy was the best one in my selection. Hope you enjoy this instructable and if you do please like and follow. If you have any questions just post a comment!

Step 1: Turning in Your Bountys

I've heard you have a better chance of getting a exotic bounty if you turn in multiple vanguard of crucible bountys at once...NOT SEPARATE! I turned in as many bounties as I could at one time and then an exotic bounty popped up.

Step 2: Researching/ Picking Your Exotic Bounty

I would highly recommend researching the bountys that pop up on your screen unless you know what they are (meaning what gun they are). Once you have researched them or picked which one you want just accept the bounty and begin the tasks it asks you to do.

Step 3: Go Through All the Steps of Your Exotic Bounty

All you have to do for this step is do the tasks they ask you to do. Then turn the completed task into whoever it asks you to turn the task into. Keep repeating this step until you have finished all the steps. PS there is one step that requires you to buy something from the agent of nine a.k.a "xur", meaning you will have to wait till Friday or the weekend to complete this step. The thing you have to buy is

Step 4: Use Vanguard and Crucible Bountys to Upgrade Your Gun

Once you've completed your bounty go have fun with your new exotic gun! I would highly suggest using bountys and farming/ kill LOTS of enemy's to upgrade your exotic gun.

Step 5: Welcome to Your New Gun!

You will now have your very own exotic gun! Have fun with it aims kick some butt!

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    diy tech
    diy tech

    5 years ago

    the exotic bounties just have a random turn up. I've gotten them from turning in 1 bounty or 8