Introduction: Destructobot

There's nothing i have to tell u about except a few lines. Firstly, i don't explain very well.  Secondly, this is my first ible so bare with me.Thirdly,there's not a lot of text in this ible;the pictures are self explanatory. And finally, be careful while making this robot as there's a danger hazard while making this (got a few cuts on my fingers coz there's sharp stuff that's gonna be used.)  Here's a pic of how the destructobot will look.   

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Step 1: Collecting the Parts

1 plastic dome (Any colour) (i got it from the gems surprise ball)
1 plastic ball(smaller than the dome)
1 propeller ( i got it from an rc copter)
1 small wire controlled car
2 disc/flat motors
3 nine volt batteries
1 medium sized screw
2 sharpeners

hot glue gun (if u dont have it u could use instant glue)
pliers (any type would do) 
screw driver (the +one)

Step 2: The Lower Body

to make this, cut the dome 3/4 and 1/4.u wont understand this so there's a pic.take the wire controlled car open it and stick it to the 1/4 part of the dome that u have cut but before this make kind of mold so that the tires fit easily.u wont understand this too so here's another pic. use hot glue or instant glue so that it wont wobble.then glue the 3/4 part that you've cut and stick it on like the pic shows.

Step 3: The Upper Body

to make this, take the plastic ball, cut it in half and make a hole in the centers of both the halves.the pic shows. 

Step 4: Making the Agents of Destructions

this is the part that's a bit tricky.Put one of the motors in the plastic ball. its shaft should b visible through the hole.attach the propeller to the motor from the's a pic.take the blade out of the sharpener using the screw driver and glue them to the edges of the propeller according to the direction in which they're gonna rotate. take the other motor and stick it right in front of the dome or belly.take the screw and glue it to the shaft of the you're close to the end of making this robot.

Step 5: Joining and Wiring Everything

just glue everything in a way that it looks like a snowman and connect the motors to the batteries using long, thin copper wires.stick the batteries to a piece of cardboard in a line and use swithes to cotrl them.u may use a dpdt swich for the front - back movement of the robot.


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