Detaching and Shaping Home Made Plastic.



Introduction: Detaching and Shaping Home Made Plastic.

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It's a common known trick that to easily make your own sheet of plastic, you can place multiple plastic bags over each other, place a piece of cloth on top of them, then iron them, melting them together without creating toxic fumes. However, especially for thicker sheets of plastic which need to be melted hotter and longer to stick together, a common problem is that the plastic sticks to the cloth. I will show you a simple trick to detach the melted plastic in a way that doesn't deform it, and keeps it warm enough to still be molded.


*Thin piece of fabric

*Plastic grocery bags

*An iron

*A can of compressed air

*Scissors/ Razor blade (optional, only need if cutting out a shape)

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Step 1: Creating Your Plastic Sheet or Shape.

Depending on your project you might need just a plastic sheet, or to create a shape. Here I am making some fan blades. I cut them out from a biggest sheet, and now need to melt the layers together again, as some were not melted together properly, and twist the curves I need into them.

Step 2: Iron

Iron the plastic on both sides.

Step 3: Cool and Bend.

Take a can of compressed air and turn it upside down, then spray at the cloth and plastic. Peel off the two and repeat on the other side. It should come off nice and clean.

Your plastic should still be warm enough to mold into a shape.

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