Detailed Beebeecraft Tutorial on How to Make Chandelier Earrings With Glass Beads



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Summary: Wanna make some beautiful chandelier earrings? Look here! This tutorial show you how to make a pair of beaded chandelier earrings, I bet you’ll like the design!

Today the easy craft is going to introduce a typical way to make typical chandelier earrings with Tibetans style finding and crystal glass beads. Just keep reading and let’s find out how to make these wire
wrapped chandelier earrings together.

Step 1: Supplies Needed to Make These Chandelier Earrings:

Tibetan Style Rhombus Chandelier Links

Red abacus glass beads

Iron Silver Earring Hooks

Silver color Iron headpins

Silver color Iron Eyepins

Step 2: Make the First Part of the Beaded Chandelier Earrings

1st, add 2 red abacus beads to the eyepins and make a loop at the end;

2nd, prepare 15 bead patterns in the same way, connect 2, 3 and four bead patterns to a make different of length dangles as the picture;

3rd, connect the dangles like the picture, the shortest on the outside and the longest on the middle.
4th, add ear hook to the chandelier pattern.

Step 3: The Beaded Chandelier Earrings Look Like This:

The colors of these chandelier earrings are very lovely, You see, chandelier earrings are simple to make, right? Besides, to make pairs of diy earrings, you may also make use of other jewelry craft supplies of vintage gemstone bead. All in all, enjoy yourself in each day!



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