Determining Levels of Hoarding

Intro: Determining Levels of Hoarding

When Looking at the different levels of hoarding it is important to understand, that not every scenario is the same. Each one is unique to that specific person, however they all have different variables on how much of a particular item have been collected

Step 1: Mild Symptoms

Hoarding can often begin relatively mild with a few items here and there. Often this consists of mounds of clothing, which reduces the functionality of the living space. Also, there might be appliances in the home that are possibly broken.

Step 2: Serious Symptoms

Step 3: Extreme Symptoms

Step 4: Life Threatening Symptoms



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Yes Yes YES...I do agree.

    And Oh dear deary me

    If it were not for absence of a rat

    Stage three or four is where I am at!