Detox Juice Recipe - a League of Carrots, Beets, Apples, Guava & Ginger

Introduction: Detox Juice Recipe - a League of Carrots, Beets, Apples, Guava & Ginger


The purpose of this video is not to teach you how to juice fruits and vegetables. This simple recipe shows you the combination of fruits and vegetables we enjoy juicing. We will demonstrate this detox recipe using an electric juicer. If you don’t own an electric juicer, we recommend you buy one. Don’t be adamant, it will do you good. For now, you may use your mixer grinder. Chop the ingredients, cover them with water and blitz into a smooth pulp. Run the pulp through a colander or a filter to collect the juice. Should you need someone to show you the procedure using a mixer grinder, you may request us and we would come to it when we could.

This detox juice is a carrot major where other ingredients play a supporting role. They do their jobs well, unlike the star cast of the most recent superhero headache. We are not speaking of season 2 of Daredevil. Our detox juice recipe of carrots and everything will yield 4 servings, with 74 kilocalories in each.

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