Detroit Glass House: Innovations in Glass

Detroit Glass House is the future of glass.

Founded with intent to bring innovation to an ancient craft, Detroit Glass House combines glass with interdisciplinary work and digital culture. Using advance cutting edge technology and fabrication processes, Detroit Glass House is on the forefront of what’s next in craft. Taking a craft we know inside and out we have begun weaving in elements of 3D scanning, 3D printing, CNC routing, Laser cutting and engraving, Waterjet cut molds and more. Detroit Glass House is owned by Andrea Oleniczak & Taylor Kurrle. Both Andrea and Taylor received a BFA from the College for Creative Studies with a focus in Crafts.

To share our story we are documenting everything we do. From conception to creation we are capturing our story in photographs and video to create an online resource. We are achieving this in two ways:

(1) Private: Creating an online materials library for designers, the "Nike ID" of glass. Every fabrication process, file type, pattern, and color will be documented with photos and videos to aid in our production, collaboration and educational services.

(2) Public: Posting selected images and videos to our online and social networking channels. We hope sharing drives interest, revenue and transparency.

Assistance through capital of $25,000 would allow Detroit Glass House to finish initial design collections, apply to our first wholesale show, continue to build a materials library and share our story.

For more information, photos and videos visit:

We made it at TechShop Detroit!



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