Develop Ol' School Games for Android

Introduction: Develop Ol' School Games for Android

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Sometimes days seems so long and boring that we tend to seek for fun games to spend some time with friends, brothers and sisters but are out of ideas. So it's time you build some ol' school games like Hollywood, tic-tac-toe, book cricket, join the dots and many more for your android device. Developing and playing these games is pure fun and creative way to learn and kill time. Building these is as easy as pie.

So just think out of box and start developing.

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Step 1: Getting Started With MIT App Inventor

(#This step is for beginners )

All you need to build amazing games is :

  • Android phone

Plus some creative ideas....

Click on this link and if not registered then register yourself to use MIT app inventor.

Install MIT app inventor beta app on your device.

Remember to connect your phone and PC/Laptop via same WI-FI connection.

Once registered, click on create button to start building apps.

Start new project and you'll see blank project with drag and drop UI.

You'll see two options on right side of project namely designer and blocks.
In designer page, you drag and drop components you wish you include in your project and in Blocks page you drag and drop functionality and define the behavior and logical working of app.

If you might want to try some really basic app to get hands on MIT app inventor :

Else you can proceed to next step because it won't be hard to understand blocks and components used.

Step 2: Deciding UI for Your Game

It is very important step and interesting step as it challenges your creativity and imagination.

Here we are developing personal app so we can use whatever music, pictures, words to describe or express something to make our app interesting and fun to use.

You can explore different UI patterns here :

It got great collection of interesting UI patterns. You'll get some idea about building one for yourself.

Once you've decided what all stuff you want to include in your app for example background music and background image etc, It's time to move on to some serious developing now.

In next step I'll demonstrate Paper scissor stone game development so that you have basic idea about how to approach in right way.

Step 3: Designer and Blocks Section

This is the main step as it deals with designer and blocks section of MIT app inventor

Now for example I've decided to make paper scissor stone game. So firstly I'll decide how to play and set rules so that I can approach accordingly.

[Example]Game-play :

No player will decide their respective choice, it will be generated randomly after you click player's respective button and winner will be decided on basis of generated choice

Now you can refer to screenshots of blocks and designer to see how logic has been implemented.

Similarly you can design many small stupid addictive games to play in classrooms or with friends or anybody to kill time and impress them with your skillful game making.

Make and share your ideas and ask for any queries.


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    Jeph Diel
    Jeph Diel

    5 years ago

    cool! it's like scratch for android.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    It was real fun playin' silly games with friends and specially then when you sometimes add hidden cheats .... :p