Device Stand

Intro: Device Stand

Easy to make

Step 1: Materials

Paint: Intergrain Natural Stain Merbau ,
Wood: Claymark Intergrained precision Premuim Pine 285mm x 19mm. 1.2m
Saw horse
Nails: Paslode Flat Head Bright 30 x 2.0mm
Twist Clamp

Step 2: Building

Step 1: Cut wood with saw into 2 blocks of Length:31cm-10.5cm wide
Step 2: Cut one of the blocks in half and then cut 2cm off one of the halves and sand of the edges
Step 3: Aline the block you cut in half to the edge of the other block and nail it down
Step 4: Paint the stand with the paint I mentioned or anyone you like but do multiple coats.
Step 5: Let the stand dry in the sun for 4 hours and it should be dry



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