Devilish Deviled Eggs

Spicy, smokey eggs.. True devil

Step 1: Prepare

-hard boiled egg (cut in half and scooped)
-japanese mayo
-cayenne pepper
-spanish smoked paprika
-panchetta or bacon
-dijon mustard
-white vinegar
-chili flakes
-salt and pepper

-piping bag
-egg tray

Hard boil
-boil the eggs in medium high heat for 10-15min or until you see the first crack
-put eggs in an ice bath
-peel, cut in half, and scoop the yolk

Step 2: Mix

-crush the yolk with a fork until smooth or just use a food processor
-add 3tablespoon of mayo and mustard
(Adjust to your taste)
-add 1tablespoon of vinegar
-add cayenne and smoked paprika
-season with salt and pepper
-mix until smooth

Step 3: Plate

-sear panchetta with its own fat until crispy(crushed)
-add the yolk mixture in the piping bag with a medium hole piping tip
-place the egg whites to the position you desire
-slowly pipe the yolk inside the egg whites using a swirly motion
-once done, garnish with crushed panchetta, more cayenne, smoked paprika, and chili flakes

Step 4: Serve

Serve and enjoy!!

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