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Introduction: Devil's Twist Coaster

About: you will find out a lot. of things about me as Im on here. But here are some things about me.: 3 -i like building knex - i play drums (im rather good,) - arachnaphobic - drawer - animal lover - I like movies...

this is my knex roller coaster; Devil's twist. i finished it on August 7 took 3 days to build,and at least 1hour to film.It was going to include a second chain lift, but it didn't work out.Anyway,it has a vertical drop ,an inside out loop,a pretzel loop,a camel hump,and many twist,turns,drops,banks,and dips.
special thanks to shadowman39 for building the boarding station(he built it years ago).



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    imma against micro knex. one time i brought a sherpents coaster and it wuz frusturatin:(

    )-: Micro K'nex coasters take no effort at all. All you do is make box supports and make one rod support each connection of the track. Screamin' Serpent and Rippin' Rocket sets are much better. ;-)

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    I didnt make this for people to cut down,besides,I worked hard on this.:(


    I hate mini parts... That's why I don't have any hehe!

    And.... streanghen your coaster a bit it looks weak =O people could DIE!

    Any ways 3 1/2*s for mini.

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    These aren't really suppose to be realistic coasters; Have you seen the Knex company's coasters?

    I do agree with you that I should make more supports, though.  

    Yeah all of knex's are poo just like my thanksgiving that came out earlier...LOL!!!

    Yeah try making more of them :-P

    Im making a ball machine.Its called DISCO TRACK
    It will be on youtube sometime on Monday!