Devo 7E + CC2500

Introduction: Devo 7E + CC2500

Photo from HacksMods

There are some very good tutorials over on HacksMods about the A7105, NRF24L01 and Walkera 8S module installation however there is nothing about the CC2500(FrSky and some Futaba). So in this instructable I will show you how I did it.

*I refer to contact pads as pins*

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Step 1: Tin and Solder the Module

Cut lengths of wire that reach where you would like to put the module and strip the wire. I cut mine so that the exposed wire is the same length as the pin on the module to prevent shorts. I also taped it to make it neater and easier to identify the pins later.

Step 2: Wire It to the Devo 7E

Photo from DeviationTx

Identify the pins on the transmitter and match them with the module. I am using a reverse PA module and the pins are already labelled. You can then solder the module to the corresponding pins in the transmitter.

I didn't take a photo of the antenna but it connects to the top 2 pins with vias. The other 2 pins are ground. Wire your antenna with the center cable on the inside pin and the outer casing to the outer pin.

Step 3: Programming

If you haven't already you can download and install the firmware from

*Nightly builds are not tested but have more features

You will need the Dfuse tool and either Deviation 5.0.0 or a Nightly build*.

For this module you will need to add “config_cc2500=0x01” without the quotation marks in hardware.ini

All installed modules will have to be enabled in hardware.ini for them to work properly.

If you have having trouble with the firmware there are lots of guides online.

Step 4: Test the Module

I use this with the FrSky receivers and you will need to choose the correct protocol and frequency for it to bind. I had to change the FrequencyFine to -41 to bind. Telemetry will be basic for this module, if you do not add input to the receiver. To add alarms you go into Model Menu>Telemetry Config. That will give you the option to set a point for the alarm to go off. To view telemetry you go to Transmitter Menu>Telemetry

It is safest to test the range before you use this module and I highly recommend you set a RSSI alarm. I hope this helped and happy flying(if you're flying of course)

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